Content Marketing that’s spot on

Digital Marketing has come of age. Today, the bulk of marketing is done online. Doing justice to a value proposition, feeding search engines and social media platforms the content to stand out is complicated.

Everyone in marketing knows something someone else doesn’t. Today, there are swathes of specialists in a variety of niche, tech-enabled marketing disciplines. Knowing who to call on and when to call on them can be tricky. 

Digital agencies are multitudinous and it’s both time-consuming and money-wasting to separate the good from the bad. Even the most adept agencies struggle to keep up. One day they’re hitting all the right notes and the next they’re not. All the while, on the ground business operations demand attention and knowing where to concentrate is a challenge.

The prevailing ecosystem

Delivering on need-clusters within the service industry is the call for tomorrow. Increasingly, business intelligence comes from a knowledge-enabled network that can extract insights across industries. Increasingly, it’s the product and service ecosystems with network benefits that offer greater business agility and brand longevity. 

Increasingly, it’s the network-enabled business that consistently hits the mark. Some things can be automated. Some things can be farmed out. Technology can take a business only so far. At the end of the day, it’s hearts and minds that must be won over for brands to prevail. This is the really hard part that only a select few can deliver.

Fostering digital fitness

Marketing ability is engagement with an audience. It’s the consistent delivery that taxes even the most adept. Originating and delivering rich and relevant content puts brands through their paces. It’s knowing precisely where to invest and how to balance the many factors. It’s knowing how to structure a marketing strategy that results in digital fitness. It’s converting customers from an audience that puts that fitness to the test.

Enter Hootsling.

Hootsling has both the street-smarts and a view from 50 000 feet to meet the demands of tech-enabled marketing. Hootsling brings together specialists able to respond to clients (and on behalf of clients) at the point of need. Hootsling brings together great strategy and great tactical content. Going bold. Going big. Always going for gold.

Marketing epiphanies

Getting the balance right is surprisingly uncommon. Ticking all the boxes for strategy, tactics and tech is only half the job. Reaching hearts and minds, and inducing business epiphanies through enlightened content is the ultimate goal. 

Bringing all these factors together in a service that’s switched on and readily available; cost-effective and affordable calls for a next-generation class of provider. It’s the most switched-on outfits that deliver spot-on Content Marketing. This means getting the combination of content, choice of channel and timing of delivery just right. 

Enter Hootsling.

All of the above comes as second nature to Hootsling. It’s embedded in the DNA of the business and evoked by the name. Hootsling is content-wise. Sagacious, acutely perceptive and high performing, this service possesses owl-like qualities. Hootsling originates content like knowing calls and delivers it with the precision of a digital slingshot.

Hootsling is a 10K60 brand

Leading the charge in ad hoc business support is the 10K60 network. Specialist knowhow at the enterprise level is the threshold of proficiency that distinguishes a 10K60 business, requiring robust industry knowledge and depth of experience. It’s the kind of proficiency that ventures bravely into new markets and technologies, calculates risk and iterates – towards bigger, better and more ethical solutions.

What sets 10K60 apart is the ability to flex every aspect of a service, dialing it up and down according to the specifics of a project, and the long-term ambition of a business. 

Welcome to the dynamic new world of ad hoc Content Marketing support. Welcome to Hootsling. Get in touch. We’d love to hear about your plans.