White Label

Outsource your ‘in-house’ service

Hiring in-house is expensive. Social Media Management may be your key ingredient to staying relevant. Our team could become your organisation’s best kept secret.

The profit incentive obvious, our white label solutions will get your social media in tip top condition and no one will be the wiser. When a client requests help, simply offer our services and mark them up as you see fit.

An agency within an agency

Are you a marketing agency looking to secure a new revenue stream? Why not offer social media consultancy and management services in addition to your regular services? Our simple and intuitive platform adds value to your clients in a highly personalised way, growing their audience and maintaining brand loyalty.

Resell and mark-up

Let us do the legwork. Let us be your social media arm. Outsource social media management services to Hootsling. We’ll take great care of your clients without them ever needing to know. The cherry on top? Resell our services at your price.

We also build bespoke packages. We offer complete freedom and flexibility. Once purchased, our service can be resold as a standalone service or as part of your digital marketing package.

Referral Partnerships

It may sometimes be desirable to purchase written content for a one-off, single-focused resell. On the other hand, if you’re looking for regular content to grow client brands over time, a longer-term partnership will be more suited.

We also offer a referral deal when reselling Content Marketing as a service doesn’t work. Or, if the time and/or inclination to handle the day-to-day management of a white label campaign isn’t attractive. We pay a percentage of all revenue generated from an introduction.

If you’re interested in becoming a referral partner. If you’d like to white label our services. If you would like to discuss other collaboration opportunities. Drop us a line and let’s kickstart your Content Marketing.