Raising the profile of your business online?

Working with an innovation team to launch something new?

Starting out and haven’t yet formulated a digital strategy?

Hootsling exists to meet the social media fitness demands of today. We get organisations up to speed and free up time for busy business owners.

We’re a highly skilled team of marketing people who get the most out of digital marketing platforms, affordably and cost-effectively. Specialist in Content Marketing, we’re also a cornerstone 10K60 business support unit.

We do it all online, literally. Killer blog posts, savvy social media, world-changing whitepapers, incredible infographics and rousing presentations. Detailed instruction sets and didactic manuals. Technical documents of every type. You name it. The more challenging, the better.

Epitomising next generation business agility, we deliver enterprise-grade solutions at all levels: start-ups, SMEs and MNCs.

Get the latest. Get the brightest. Get content-wise.

Within our purview

Content Marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote a business online. The complexities of content origination and digital promotion has resulted in Content Marketing becoming a discipline in its own right.

For example, Content Marketers must grasp the specifics of an industry, possess a command of language and the written word, think creatively, be visually literate and fluent in digital media.

Content Marketing is more than finding the right words, grammar and sentence structure. It’s about building emotional connections with an audience, telling stories in a seamless way, creating urgency and engaging in an interactive dialogue that converts loyal customers into brand advocates.

Content Marketing, in general; and our service, specifically

If you’ve worked with Content Marketing agencies, you’ll probably know that it’s a mixed bag of services. The term ‘agency’ can be a sign of high cost and low effort that’s often mis-sold under the guise of expertise.

From global brands looking for a fresh perspective and technical service companies building their brand online to little-known start-ups aimed at tech-savvy audiences, no business is left out.

Integrating original written content and imagery, we find the just right visual and verbal syntax for your message.

If you’re looking for a lightness of touch, humour, professionalism or that as yet unknown something extra, we make sure your posts engage audiences in just the right way. We channel customers towards your ‘buy now’ link.

We research, and then some. We get up close and personal. We dig deep. We identify how your competitors communicate. We discover new and nascent trends specific to your industry. We get to know your business almost as well as you do.

We don’t employ cookie-cutter plans. When you partner with us, you get a bespoke Content Marketing strategy that’s specific to your company.

We’re a complementary mix of savvy marketers and media creatives. We possess a deep experience of writing, visual content and digital strategy. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an equivalent service elsewhere.

In e-commerce, content is king. We create engaging copy that grabs attention and engages emotions, increasing visitor return and sales.

If you’re time-poor and/or don’t have the necessary skills to originate content and properly engage your market via social media, we’ve got you covered. We’ll organise your entire social media presence from start to finish.

We build relationships. We don’t speak ‘to’ your followers, we speak ‘with’ them. In this golden age of real-time messaging, it’s vital to be sociable at the level of the individual, and of the organisation.

Our services won’t break the bank. Our fees are well within reach of most small businesses. From small businesses to multi-national corporations, we’re able to rapidly scale up and down to suit almost any budget.

We create arresting content for websites and all social channels. We employ imagery, GIFs and video to keep audiences engaged for longer.

We get right under the skin of a brand by aligning content with strategy, organisational values and brand messaging.

We’ll create all of your promoted posts, post content across all platforms and respond to customer messages on a daily basis.

We build relationships at the speed of your brand. Whether you need full control or a collaborative partnership, we’ll get you in control.