Technical & Service

Social media is now a firm fixture in modern life and entirely new platforms are constantly being added to the mix, adding layer upon layer of complexity. We’re technically adept and don’t shy away from complex challenges. We formulate sophisticated Content Marketing plans for sophisticated businesses.

High value attention

Social media is a marketing goldmine for companies in the technical, services and professional industries. Large numbers of users mean there are scores of potential customers with real-world issues that businesses address. The clincher is knowing how to capture that attention in a way that converts.

We create campaigns that enliven feeds and inspire customers to take action, spreading the word about products and companies at the same time.

The wow-factor

Great content is more than a list of tips, tricks and strategies. Content shouldn’t read like a textbook or encyclopaedia. Not all content has to be technical. And, it isn’t imperative to explain products and services using facts and figures.

People generally use social media for novelty and entertainment. With this in mind, we convey the product or company journey through inspirational copy and storytelling.

We also encourage business to write about underlying technologies, the source of inspiration and the reason the business exists; to tap into aspirational lifestyles, individual passions and the excitable urgency of today’s highly connected online communities; and, to imbue content with levity and humour, and employ relevant memes to capture attention.

Developing an effective approach to content is twofold: uncovering (1) and actioning (2) the insights necessary to reach specific audiences. Wow visitors, attract new business prospects and engage customers through creative copy that’s professionally written.

Stay in the loop

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Social media enables businesses to stay hot on the pulse of consumer feedback. Social media is a vital means of connecting, communicating and – above all – listening to customers.

Without a strategic approach to engaging customers, businesses lose out on opportunities to build awareness of products and services, and generate new business leads. Staying relevant and keeping in touch with audiences has never been more important.

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