Blogging as a powerful communication tool

In this digital age, the use of social media to engage with potential clients has become more and more popular. At Hootsling, we believe that blogging can also be a powerful tool. Why, you may ask? Well, there are many reasons.

Firstly, blogs are a fantastic way to convey the personality of a brand. A 10-second promo on platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, can quickly grab the attention of potential clients, but with a blog post, the reader can really understand the ethos of a company.

Getting down to the nitty gritty

Thousands of people can see a post on social media instantly, but just how many of those people, will actually connect with a company?

A social post can bring in clients, but one of the benefits of a blog, is that you can really get down to the 'nitty gritty' of the products and services a company can offer. In turn, this allows a potential client, to decide whether a company would be useful to them, or not.

One stop shop

In the past, blogging was seen as an outlet, which could not keep up with the instant impact that Facebook or Instagram posts have. However, through development, blogs have now become a 'one stop shop' for all social media.

Not only can blogs provide in-depth information for its readers, but with the addition of photos, video and the ability to branch off and connect to a company's Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, blogs have become a diverse, multimedia experience, not simply words on a screen.

That being said, platforms such as Instagram constrict users to the confines of their app or website's design, however, blogging is completely customisable. With a blog, companies can create a space within the internet, which shows their unique identity.

Quality communication

We all know that in business, communication is key. Social Media can be a great way to connect with consumers. However, with these platforms, the emphasis is on quantity of likes and comments. With blogging, it is all about the quality of communication.

On Instagram and Facebook, a user's opinions can be lost within a sea of other voices — a comment left on a blog can be the catalyst for a more personal, in-depth relationship between a company and its client.

That’s why we believe that, in addition to the usual avenues of communication, blogging is a vital tool to engage with our clients.

It could light a spark of communication, between you and us.

KazD - 'Content Marketer in Training'